Day 1 - In the Beginning

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Earthquake Rose, image shared by Rachel F.
When I read the words, Wake to Dream, I think that we are dreaming when we are awake and we are awake in our dreams. Which may be closer to the truth than we realize. An interesting thought to ponder....

There's a 'tween' time in between waking and sleeping, and between sleeping and waking. A time when you are deeply relaxed but still awake, a time that is both magical and powerful; a time of miracles as well as great change. Oh think of the power! I, of course, read today’s email after this magical tween time. At this point, I can only close my eyes and immerse myself in the waves, but I feel it just the same. It feels amazingly powerful, a soft swaying of energy flowing over, around and through me, filling my soul with joy.

So, for the next 42 days, and perhaps beyond, I will fall into this magical kingdom of the NOW reality in my non-reality world, in the 'tween' time. I am happy and excited; I am looking forward to the change that is coming. Yes, change is here, and it feels wonderful. Oh, yes, it has begun....there's no stopping it now. Once the door is opened, it cannot be closed, the seen cannot be unseen.

I am Marsha!


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