Day 11 - Dance of Love and Gratitude

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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I signed up for an earlier wave, but I wasn’t ready. I read the emails each day but they did not touch my soul as they are doing now. When I read today’s title, Entopic Gratitude, the first thing that poped into my head is ectopic pregnancy, which is an abnormal pregnancy. But this is not what entopic means, it means that it is where it’s supposed to be. Gratitude where it belongs, and where it has always been?

Yes, I feel that gratitude is inside of me, in its usual place. It has always been there, before my birth, since the moment my soul was accepted into Earth School, a joyous celebration no doubt. Now that I have found my gratitude, my new purpose is to bring it out into the world, and to share it with everyone! Now I have learned than I can no longer wonder along my illusionary path in the trance I call my life. It seems each day of this process brings another ‘aha’ moment! I am amazed, once again!

I can see the dance with my husband more clearly now, for love can only walk the way of gratitude. Perhaps I do finish his sentences just to irritate him, even if it is done unconsciously. And maybe, just maybe, when he speaks so slowly, it’s done unconsciously as well, to taunt me. I have decided it’s best to just bite my tongue. I spoke about this briefly on Day 9. Anyway, he doesn’t usually speak so slowly. He is an extravert and very out going, after all, and even has the Irish ‘gift of gab!’ I am his opposite; an introvert, and painfully shy. That’s why writing this blog and letting others read it is so amazing.

Change has always been difficult for me. It has never been ecstatic, not even close, but somehow the change that this wave of gratitude is bringing into my life, makes it seem possible. So, now I must completely throw out my old way of thinking and replace it with a new belief. My new truth, I really am gratitude! Oh, yes, ecstatic change has come. Now I am joyful, even ecstatic as I walk my ever-evolving, joyfully changing path of love, light and entopic gratitude…now that’s a mouthful!

I am Gratitude! I am Marsha!


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