Day 12 - My heart and soul are Gratitude

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The heart in the picture is radiating golden light and looks like the sun shining down on the earth. So no wonder I am thinking of sunshine today as I begin to write. I grew up in the Southern Colorado Rocky Mountains with lots of sunny days and blue skies. I remember one time when we had 5 cloudy days in a row! I was feeling so bad when the sun finally came out I realized just how much the dreary weather was affecting me.

I am so thankful for sunny days, but they occur so rarely here in Ireland; and today was no exception. The sun came out for a few moments and I was so happy, but it soon disappeared. I could see myself getting out and connecting with nature and the earth because this so revitalizes me but this was not to be, not today anyway. However, I am thankful for the rain because that’s what keeps everything so green. I do love the emerald isle but I also wish we had more sunny days.

What a beautiful picture! Looking at this picture I can see why a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I know that a thousand words could never describe this picture. It’s another picture I could get lost in, or more like find myself, my soul, my heart….my gratitude.

I am writing my gratitude and my feelings from my heart in Heart Speak. The heart of you is the heart of my soul. The heart of me is the heart of gratitude and you and me, and everyone, all of us are the heart of the earth. I find my gratitude in my heart and in my soul. We are one in gratitude!

“Physical health is about balance and being in touch with what your body wants and needs . . . Mental health is quite simple: peace . . . Spiritual health is . . . knowing your self as pure love.” from Quados Garden.

Emotional health is knowing yourself as pure gratitude!

I am pure gratitude! I am Marsha!


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