Day 13 - Seeing Through Eyes of Gratitude

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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*image ~ Stacey Robyn. "Eye Love you, Alex" 2005
My eyes are fully focused on gratitude. I see gratitude every where and in every thing and I am great’full for my new outlook! I always try to notice the little things. I have a “stop and smell the roses” outlook on life. Sometimes I get lost in the details, and I need help seeing the big picture.

When I lived in Alaska every time I went outside, I was in awe of the beauty I was surrounded by. It was the most astonishing place I have ever been and it never ceased to amaze me, from the snow covered peaks to the mist in the valleys. The fog would move in and cover the trees in frost creating a magical, sparkling, winter wonderland. There are no words to describe the dazzling auroras that dance across the skies. I am forever great’full.

Today’s message talks about making the symbol of Gratitude with your eyes to exercise and strengthen your eye muscles. This is fabulous because it can be taken two ways, actually exercising to keep the muscles strong and also to remind us that by just changing our outlook, our viewpoint, we can see the world with eyes of gratitude. I think it’s always been there, I just wish I would have seen it sooner. There is a time and place for everything, and the time for me is now. Wow!

Right now in my life I don’t need to understand where the 42 day wave of gratitude is taking me. All I need to do is enjoy the ride, relax and let it evolve and grow and see where it takes me. Go gratitude. I am doing this full of faith, oneness and gratitude. I am one with all that is, I am gratitude.

I am Marsha!


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