Day 2 - Manifesting in Gratitude

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Artwork by Elizabeth Yelland
It's only day 2 and I'm psyched!

My feelings when I read the title 'Heart of Water!' are the memories I have of the power and strength of springs, lakes, streams, and the ocean. As a child, I remember drinking water from a spring bubbling out of the ground just below the top of Mount Baldy, in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It was the best water I ever tasted!

I feel so much power in the ocean, I feel it in my heart. I grew up living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so when I first saw the ocean I was absolutely mesmerized. I spent the night in a hotel right on the beach, with the window open, even though it was quite cold on the Oregon coast. I couldn't get enough, I wanted to stay forever.

In another chapter of my life, I lived in a house by Lake Beckwith in Colorado. I loved looking out the window at the lake. It was amazing how the clouds, the sun and the time of the day changed the lake. There was so much heart in the beautiful stillness and calmness of the lake.

As I write my feelings and my memories, it does not occur to me how important water is to the human body, which is over 50% water by the way! But I do know how we all need clean, pure and safe water to live and I certainly appreciate pure water to drink. What an interesting way to look at water, as divinity within. This touches me deeply, even my soul feels it and it feels divinely right... Wow! And so it is.

Oh yes! I am this powerful, connected, and Divine. I am setting my unique intention to serve my highest good, and hopefully that of others too with my creativity! I see it, I feel it, I breathe it, I can even taste it, I am talented and creative! I am thankful for my writing, my art, my photography and more! I AM true to what feels right for me, and all has manifested through Love and Gratitude! I have always known this, but it has taken many years for me to learn this.

I am a powerful divine being, I am Marsha! Go gratitude!


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