DAY 3 – Gratitude in Multiples of Twelve

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Artwork Source Spiritus Sanctus
‘Gathering Masters’ literally means to me to call in the Masters, Jesus, Buddha, Kuthumi, Zoser, Rama, Astalea among others. I have done this many times during prayers and healing. I have felt the power of doing so. And I continue to ask for their help to this day.

Years ago, I was walking and suddenly I was out of my body, floating above my head. The feeling was pure ecstasy. During this moment, I know it was only a few seconds, time seemed to stop. Jesus was there telling me why I was chosen. When I looked down and saw my body walking, I became scared and was immediately pulled back in to my body. The feeling of euphoria lasted for about 3 days. Some of the information I learned was immediately integrated, it took longer for me to become aware of other things. It was an experience that literally changed my life. Another door had opened, that can never be closed.

I will definitely have to spend some time thinking and meditating about everyone who has profoundly influenced and inspired me. My dad, my grandmother May, and grandfather George, my best friend, my spiritual teachers, and of course, my Tiger…..long story, another day. As I meditate, I call each one with my heart, I thank them and I send an energetic wave of appreciation to them.

How amazing is that? I don’t know how many people are participating in this Final Wave of Gratitude, but if each person adds twelve influential people energetically, it must increase exponentially! Wow! I feel the power!

On the 3rd day, I am focused on Gratitude in the ‘tween’ times, I am blessing all water in all forms, inside my body and outside my body. I love it! Thank you ‘Go Gratitude!’

I Am ‘Gratitude!’ I Am Marsha!


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