DAY 4 – Memories of Gratitude

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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I am finding it difficult to get started today. My energy feels so scattered, so many distractions. And then of course, there’s finding the time. Anyway, here I go….when I hear ‘Birth of Gratitude’ I literally think of mother earth giving birth to a new earth. I’m not sure of what this image in my mind means, but it’s there just the same.

I can only imagine my own moment of conception in the physical world. I believe that I existed before, although in another form. Here on earth I can only be as perfect as the parts, my mother’s egg and my father’s sperm allowed. Each are affected by their own health, what they eat, drink and put into their body, and even their own genes which they themselves inherited from their own beginning on earth. At the moment of my conception I was as perfect as I could ever be in this form. I can never go back. Today for me, perfection is not possible.

I would like to think that the egg and the sperm that unite to form a new life are very happy at the moment of conception, thus it’s a wonderful happyning! My soul, I think, was ecstatic, as well as, very great’full for this opportunity to go to earth school! Trials, tribulations and all. Love it!

And from my earthly beginning, to this day, I am thankful for day 4 in this the Final Wave of World Gratitude. And so my path of Gratitude continues…

I am gratitude! I am Marsha!


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