Day 5 - Breathe in Gratitude

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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The last 4 days each of these emails from World Gratitude arrived at 9:11am. Quite a coincidence don’t you think? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do think; thanks for asking. And of course, yesterday was the infamous 911. Today I expected to see the email this morning; I had set aside time to write and no email. I was upset, then finally, 2 emails arrived at 2:36 and another at 2:37.

Then I received a wonderful email from Quado, its title, Go Beneath. “Today, when something upsets you, respond in a new way. Immediately go beneath your emotion and reinforce your calm and peaceful center.” OMG I love it, and I feel so much better. Strange how things work sometimes.

I am here in Earth school, to learn that is my purpose. My intent is to help others and to do no harm. I am able to return to my center always, now matter if I forget for a moment and not matter how I first responded.

As I read (k)new breath of you, I think that there is knowledge in breathing. The breath brings life and is necessary for life, we cannot live with out it. It is our life. I remember going to a free meeting with a spiritual master, whose’ name I cannot remember now. I must apologize even though, it was several years ago. I could feel the energy in the auditorium change and he came onto the stage, he talked about the importance of breath, and with a meditation where he told us to breathe. As he repeated the word, breathe, over and over again, the spiritual energy in the room was lifted to a new level. It was quite amazing and it felt wonderful.

Our breath is our constant companion and our connection to life, from the moment of birth until our death. Imagine gratitude being our constant companion and our connection to life, and it is so. Today’s message of gratitude is short, but very interesting and powerful, certainly something to think about.

I breathe in Gratitude, I exhale gratitude. And I remember who I am…..

I am gratitude. I am Marsha!



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