Day 8 - Waves of Light and Gratitude

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Take time to pamper yourself today. Do something special, whatever that is. Love yourself! Something I always need to say to myself is “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Marsha!” I am a diehard perfectionist and yes, I am extremely hard on myself. I can step aside and be in a still moment, in the now, and see how my self-criticism creates a downward spiral of despair. This of course explains my lack of self-esteem, my fear of failure and my on and off again depression.

I can also see how I continue the harsh criticism from my parents to this day. My dad’s most memorable words to me were, “I’m disappointed in you” and my mother could not give me a compliment to save her soul. If she couldn’t find something wrong to criticize me for she would say nothing! If I did not have such a wonderful loving Grandmother, I would have been forever lost. Well, I think it’s time to stop and give myself a hug! The first step of changing your behavior is recognizing it.

I know also, that loving myself means that I must love myself with the food I eat. What an amazing insight, I have never thought of food this way. I think this will finally allow me to lose that extra weight I have been carrying around. Wonderful! I can love myself with the nutritious food I put in my body!

When I read the title “Hugging You in Gratitude” I think I have lived this way too long and it’s time to change. I must go beneath to the calm that is within the stillness inside of me. I take a moment to hug myself and if feels really good. Why have I never done this before?

As I close my eyes I visualize waves of light washing over me, surrounding and enveloping me in a cleansing, loving hug and it feels wonderful. Oh, the rapture of Gratitude! As you read these words know that I am sending you this loving wave of Gratitude and Light, and to Mother Earth, surrounding and engulfing her and every living soul in Gratitude. Go Gratitude….

Today I will HUG, HUG, HUG myself in Gratitude! I am Marsha


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