Day 23 – Pink Hearts, Rainbows and Gratitude

Friday, October 1, 2010

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Art by Bruce Harman – Rainbow Heart
To me Full Specturm Intention means healing from the heart with all the colors. I have done meditations were I bring each color one at a time into my aura and body letting the energy flow into my crown chakra. I have also done one where I see all the colors of the rainbow swirling above my head in a big circle and I bring the rainbow down around me like a whirlwind. Both feel wonderful.

~ Image taken at Walnut Canyon, AZ. 2010 ~ Stacey Robyn
When I lived in Hawaii I saw a lot of rainbows, but everywhere else I’ve lived, I have very rarely see one. I love them, they are beautiful. Even living here in Ireland, where it rains a lot I don’t see one very often. It fills my heart and soul with joy because to me they symbolize healing and to see one is a gift.
In the picture of the prism created from the crystal, the prism in the darkness is so much more vivid and the pink in the center is beautiful. I love working with crystals in healing and found that they greatly increase the healing energy and clear blocks quickly. I especially love citrine it is like pure sunshine.

Prism’s and rainbows remind me of the many different paths we all walk here in Earth school. There are many different races, religions, creeds and colors, but I believe we are all part of the One…and this is where all the different paths lead eventually. Some sooner, some later, but it’s all the same destination.

And so until tomorrow, with pink hearts and rainbows, I am Gratitude!

I am Marsha!


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