Day 16 – Moving Syntropically in Gratitude

Friday, October 1, 2010

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Artwork Janosh Art

The picture today is really beautiful. It’s another one that I could spend hours gazing into. As I opened the email today, I noticed the picture is different that the one on Stacey Robyn’s blog from 2008. Same artist, but the new one is titled “Gratitude” which does seem more fitting, but I prefer the first one. I see it as yet another symbol of the change that has come.

Artwork Janosh Art

The first thing I did today was look up the meaning of syntropic. It means turning or pointing in the same direction. As I first began to ride the wave of Gratitude, I was totally focused on myself and how it applied to me. After the first week I began to notice, that it seemed to be affecting me and everyone around me, including my husband. It is bringing change to me and my life, as the ocean waves are surely changing the shorelines around the world. Small waves may only move the sand and seaweed along the beach, but stronger ones do so much more, creating change on a more miraculous scale.

Change may seem harsh and brutal sometimes, but on a universal scale, and especially on a soul level, I believe it is necessary. I have found in my life that when it’s time to make a change, if I don’t, I am forced into it. Like the time I knew I was not supposed to be working where I was, but I chose to stay. I was given a pink slip, they were moving the office to another state and I was not invited to go.

I lived in Colorado for many years and there are evergreens that stay green in the winter but the grass turns brown. It would also turn brown in the summer time when it was so hot. I have never understood how someone can stay in the same location, live in the same house, and work at the same job for their whole lives. Not me though, I graduated from high school at 17 and this was also when I began my first journey to a foreign land. I have been travelling ever since.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox by the way, which signals another change. The sun enters Libra and Fall begins, even though the leaves started changing here some time ago. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Harvest Full Moon yesterday evening, but not Jupiter which is also visible now. Today it’s still cloudy, with more rain and drizzle, but I so love the sunshine. I am so great’full for the rain it’s what keeps this island not just green but ‘emerald’ green. They don’t call it the Emerald Isle for nothing.

On a personal level I do feel I am at a turning point, as is the world around me. The full moon will now grow smaller and the equinox brings shorter days. I have certainly changed in the last 16 days since I began this journey of Gratitude! The one thing I know that I can always count on is change; and I am looking forward to what the following days and weeks will bring into my life, as I move syntropically in gratitude! I know that’s probably not a word but it feels right and I like it! So, until tomorrow, I bid you adieu…

In Syntropic Gratitude, I am Marsha!

Day 16- Syntropic Gratitude


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