Day 17 - Commitment to Gratitude

Friday, October 1, 2010

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*image courtesy Ray Rankin*

What an interesting thought, Gratitude with Fortitude. Hmmmm…is that like intestinal fortitude? I do know that it takes determination and fortitude to complete 42 days of blogging in a row, but I am so committed. I am dedicated to seeing this through. Yes, I am great’full for this opportunity to be gratitude!

When I look at today’s picture I see many paths, the straight and narrow, the high road, the low road and the path of gratitude. I see the wave of gratitude and it’s the one I choose to walk. From the center to the outer reaches, ever-expanding and growing to eternity. Yes, I am walking the ever-changing path of gratitude.

I am re-arranging my reality as I move gracefully through the change each day brings, well with me it’s usually not so gracefully. I am like Susan on Desperate Housewives, kind of klutzy, but in my case it’s really klutzy. When I was in college, taking psychology classes I learned that I didn’t develop eye to hand coordination as an infant because I was in the hospital with my hands bandaged. I also never crawled because I was in a crib during this time and when I was released, I walked. Another aha moment, that explained so much!

My sister, Dorothy, was killed in the accident that put me in the hospital. She was 5, I was not quite 6 months old. Even though I have memories of being in the hospital, I don’t remember her. I wish I would have asked my Grandmother May about her memories of Dorothy, but she is gone now. I don’t remember or know why but I always felt my parents would have wanted Dorothy to live instead of me if they could have made the choice. Ok, so there’s a major reason for my insecurity. Thank god for my grandmother, I knew she love me!

The tides of change bring opportunities for which I am forever great’full! I am strong, I am committed, and I am dedicated to gratitude! I am empowered with bountiful Gratitude! Oh yes, all IS well.

I am Marsha!



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