Day 20 - Changing Gratitude

Friday, October 1, 2010

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Today I am grateful for each part of me, even the parts that I most want to change. It seems I am always changing, even things that I don’t want to change do change. There is not an option here, the only constant in life is change. When there is no change there is no life, only nothingness.

I see the human body as a tree with roots extending invisibly down into the ground and branches that reach for the sun in the sky. Isn’t this what we all do? Just as trees need the light of sunshine, and the roots need to be in the ground, I need the sun (symbolic of the Divine Light) shining on me and I need my etheric body to be grounded into the earth. Grounding helps me to go beneath and be in the calmness of the Now.

I have always loved trees, when I was little I enjoyed climbing them. Now I can no longer climb them, but I love taking pictures of them, even touching them, sometimes hugging them. I can feel the massive power and knowledge from the energy of the trees. Trees seem magical to me, filled with wisdom.

When I was in 7th grade there was a beautiful tree in front of the school, I’m sure it had been there since way before I was born. There was a small area for the tree and it was surrounded by pavement. One day workers came and cut it down as I watched helplessly from the classroom window. I don’t know if it affected others as deeply as it did me, but how could it not? I have often wondered why they chose to do this. They covered the spot with pavement. With pavement, no less! For me, it just was not the same without the tree, ever, but the tree continues to live in my memory.

Whether or not I see change as good or bad, change comes never the less. I can only believe that there must be a divine plan somewhere, even though I am totally clueless. Change sometimes seems so hard when it comes, but I believe that if you don’t make changes when you need to, you will be forced to with a more sudden and drastic change. I am so afraid of flying and I married a man who has traveled his whole life. I finally decided to go for it and travel the world with him. It’s still not easy for me, but it is easier riding the wave instead of swimming against the current.

I am gratitude! I am Marsha!



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