Day 24 - Caring With Gratitude

Friday, October 1, 2010

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*kirlian photo of an apple - source unknown

Wouldn’t it be funny to see a furry apple? Everyone loves fluffy little puppies and kittens, they are so full of energy and bring so much joy. Of course, this is not fur in the picture it’s energy. It’s light. Remember the old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? I can certainly see why, how could this light not nourish you? I am trying to improve my diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and I can see from the picture just how much light this apple carries. So, I know it is a good for me. My favorite apples are the Golden Delicious ones. I just ate one in fact.

I’ve been living in darkness, anti-depressants, sleeping and pain pills, for almost 2 years. In the last few months I have stopped taking them, although I still take the pain medication when I need it. I have also stopped drinking cola. I would love to see a kirlian photo of a cola . . . no life there I’m sure. I have not lived a “normal” life, it’s been difficult and emotionally painful, and I have a lot of baggage. I am trying to lighten my load by writing and I do believe that writing this blog each day is helping me to heal my emotional body, just as healthy food is helping my physical body to heal.

I love it when other’s share their views with me, it allows me so see things differently. Wouldn’t it be so boring if we were all the same? It upsets me more than you can ever know when I lose control of my emotions. I so hate it if I cry in front of others, this makes me so angry at myself. Is it rude to tell someone how you really feel? Sometimes I can’t help it, it just comes out of my mouth, and the tears flow; then, I apologize. So yes, I have to conclude that it is indeed rude. OMG One more thing I have to work on! Thankfully, no one here in Ireland asks me how I am. They say “How are you keeping?” In businesses no one asks me if they can help me, it’s “Are you ok?”

In another lifetime, in a land far far away, when I told my first husband I was leaving him, and I swear this is the truth. The first thing he said to me was “What will the neighbors think?” It was ok for them to think he was a worthless drunken bum who didn’t work but not ok for them to think that his wife left him! I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! My answer, “Who cares?” Besides, they probably thought I finally came to my senses! They, in fact, were probably so busy with their own lives they didn’t even notice!

I try to be considerate of other people’s feelings. Why do I care? I am not sure, but I do. I am a Case Manager at the Distant Healing Network, so I send distant healing and prayers for the people and the animals that need help. I am a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister and so much more, and I care for those around me. I am a wounded healer, walking a healing path, writing with gratitude from the heart.

With love, gratitude and hopefully not too much babbling….I am Marsha!



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