Day 25 - An Attitude of Gratitude

Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Life is too short to spend it drifting along. I prefer to ride the raves and go somewhere. I do have a hard time staying in the same place too long. It seems impossible for me to stay put because so many doors open with new opportunities. This has undoubtedly brought a lot more change into my life.

Writing each day during this final Wave of Gratitude has certainly caused a shift to occur in my thoughts and feelings. I am seeing things differently. Sometimes change is good, and the gratitude shift is definitely good. I am riding the wave and I feel good. My heart is calling for me to write and I am doing it! Wow! Thank you gratitude!

I have been a healer for many years. I have studied different modalities of healing and learned how to use my hands for healing. 2 years ago I developed carpal tunnel in both hands, test results were severe with the only option being surgery. I could no longer sew or work with any thing small and I lost a lot of strength in my hands. Earlier this year I gave in and had the surgery but the recovery has not gone as well as I had hoped. I still have pain and no strength but it is still better than the never ending numbness and tingling. Thankfully I can write with a pencil and type on a keyboard, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

My husband had a headache this morning and I tried doing a Healing Touch technique called ‘pain drain’ but the pain in my hands was unbearable after only a few minutes. So I had to stop. My hands were extremely sensitive before and I was able to feel energy, now I cannot. As a Case Manager at the Distant Healing Network I do lots of distant healing. Even though I would prefer hands on healing I am ever so thankful that I am still able to do distant healing.

Riding the wave with gratitude and a shifting attitude, I am Marsha!



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