Day 26 - Speaking My Gratitude

Monday, October 4, 2010

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*Breath of Gold by Vicki Krieger*

I always, always speak my truth from my heart and I am always true to myself. It serves no one to tell them only what they want to hear. If I don’t tell the truth it’s a lie by omission and still a lie never the less. If I speak from the heart it cannot help but be loving and filled with gratitude and kindness.

I love filling my body and aura with Golden Divine Light through the crown chakra until it fills and saturates me completely and overflows to everyone around me. I have noticed when I do this I am treated very differently by the others that I encounter through out my day! People are kinder, gentler and genuinely more caring. It’s really quite amazing and it also feels quite wonderful! Just imagine if everyone did this. Go Gratitude!

Speaking of always doing something, always ask questions. How can I ever know or learn if I do not ask questions? I cannot accept anything at face value and I certainly don’t believe everything I read or see especially on television or what someone tells me. I am always filled with questions, too many, but my inquiring mind wants to know…

I can see it, taste it, feel it, speak it, know it, I let it fill me completely and I become Gratitude! Always asking questions and speaking from the heart with Gratitude. I am gratitude!

I am Marsha!



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