Day 28 - The Bright Light of Gratitude

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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I have much more than a spark of gratitude! It’s more like my heart is on fire with gratitude! And all of a sudden I seem to have so much to say, so many things I want to write about. Gratitude has forever changed my life. There is no going back now, I have fully embraced the changes that gratitude has brought into my life.

I am receiving lots of incoming ideas, not too sure that any of it’s brilliant, but I am ever so great’full none the less. I have always been so quiet and shy, only opening up to a select few. When I was a teenager I was called ‘stuck up’ because I didn't speak, I don’t think anyone realized how painfully shy I was. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t, I was so afraid. I made good grades and did well on tests, but during class if the teacher asked me a question, my face would turn bright red, my mind would go blank, and I couldn’t think of anything to say. It all sounds so crazy. There was another time as an adult when I had laryngits and lost my voice. I could barely whisper. It was difficult for anyone to hear me, much less understand me, but I learned that I sure seemed to have a lot to say for being an introvert!

A few short months ago when I was lost in the darkness I listened to a meditation by Carolyn Myss from Channeling Grace. This one little meditation caused a spark that created a flame, a light in my heart. It was small but it was there just the same. It seemed so bright in the darkness but it was the beginning of the light coming back into my life. And now thanks to Go Gratitude my heart is filled with light! I can close my eyes and see it extending and growing until it surrounds me and completely fills my aura. It’s really an amazing feeling… I am in awe! Go Gratitude!

I am Light, I am Love, I am Gratitude! I am Marsha!


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