Day 29 - Waves of Boundless Gratitude

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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I have moved past the 4 week mark and I am well on my way to day 42! Wow! I feel like a different person. A part of me that I never even knew existed is now out front in the center. I am forever great’full. Thank you Go Gratitude!

I can’t help believing that the Gratitude that has so changed me is changing others just as dramatically. I am sure each wave has had the same effect on those who were receptive to the message of gratitude. The wave is growing stronger and surrounding the earth and radiating outward. Each day through my writing I am connecting with Gratitude and I am being born anew. I am irrevocably changed. I am Gratitude!

When we lived in Florida we were trying to start a Wine Import business because we had lived in Italy for 18 months and just fell in love with the wine, the people and the country. It turned out to be much more difficult than we had expected, never enough money. To help out, I found a temp job at NSU that later turned into a permanent job. It didn’t pay a lot but it was the only thing I could find, jobs were few and far between. The politics in the office and the negativity were at best overwhelming. I hated my job but the people I met changed my life and some of them became good friends. This was the beginning of the darkest period in my life.

I will write more about this in the coming days, got to start sorting through the bits and pieces of my emotions somewhere. I am thankful for everything in my life, good and bad, because all of my life experiences have taught me many lessons. I am who I am because of or maybe in spite of everything that has happened in my life. I am Gratitude!

With boundless enthusiasm and never ending waves of global gratitude, I am Marsha!



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