Day 31 - The Miracle of Gratitude

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Another day living in gratitude, another wonderful change because I have allowed gratitude into my heart, my life and my very soul. Another door that was long closed to me has opened with gratitude. And OMG I am ecstatic. My birthday is only a few days away and this may well be the best birthday present that I have ever received.

Today I received an email from my youngest daughter, Jenny! We have not spoken for 5 years. Five years! Seems like forever, and now because of gratitude I have a new reality. I believe that gratitude has so thoroughly changed me that it is affecting all those who have connections to me, seen and unseen. I will forever be great’full for what Gratitude has done for me and the wonderful changes that it’s bringing into my life.

My first husband and the father of my 4 children, came from a large family with 6 children. There was so much contention between them, this one didn’t talk to that one, and that one hadn’t spoken to them for whatever reason, and on and on it goes. I remember thinking that will never happen with my children, but how could it not? We all learned what we lived and we have all lived what we learned.

I remember when Jenny was only a few days old, her father and I stood arm in arm admiring her. We were both so proud and praising each other for creating such a beautiful baby! I am forever thankful she has grown into such a beautiful and vibrant woman, wife and mother. So today I am taking the first step with my beautiful daughter Jenny on a new path in both or our lives. We are walking together in gratitude!

I am love, light and gratitude! I am Marsha!



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