Day 34 - Walking a New Path of Gratitude

Monday, October 11, 2010

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My process of healing with gratitude will certainly continue after this 9th and Final Wave of World Gratitude, I will keep writing that’s a given. I am afraid to stop writing, afraid that the words will stop coming. I have learned so much in the last 34 days, I know that this will not be so. I must quiet my fears, moving beyond them as I continue walking my ‘New Path of Gratitude’.

One of the things that I will really miss are the great pictures that I am using from Stacey’s daily blogs. Perhaps one of the doors I need to open is the one to art. I must start sketching and drawing again. It was something I would do everyday, but I have not drawn anything since my kids were little. I have saved nothing that I ever created because I could never live up to my own standard of perfection. I know this has to change. What if I spend 42 days of sketching and drawing? Hmmmmmmm . . . I will have to ponder that! I am so amazed by what has happened with my writing that I can only believe the results would be just as miraculous, but then only time will tell. So, we shall see…

I had a really wonderful birthday yesterday, I am so thankful for all my blessings, the World Gathering Forum, my new path of gratitude, and especially my friends and family, to name just a few. Yes, I am truly blessed. I spoke with my 7 year old grandson, Jax. When I told him I was 57, 50 years older than him, he said “You won’t be old until you’re 60!” He also told me he loved school and was getting smarter everyday! Aha! So it must be so! Out of the mouth of babes! What a relief! Those simple words of wisdom kept a smile on my face all day!

As I read through Stacey’s blog today, Hello Halo, I closed my eyes and envisioned the gratitude in my heart, sending waves of gratitude throughout my body with each beat of my heart as does the heart of the earth sending waves of gratitude, throughout the world to every living soul and beyond. I allow myself to be totally engulfed with gratitude. Oh yes, I have been forever changed with gratitude. I am walking a new path of gratitude, and opening the door to new possibilities. Go Gratitude!

I am gratitude! I am Marsha!



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