Day 37 - Ripples of Gratitude

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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*Return of the Golden Mean by B. Xolotl*
On this day in my life, the 37th day of my 42 days with Gratitude, I know that from this point forward I will always live my life in gratitude. This journey will continue, and it’s time for me to write to all the people in my life that I am thankful for and to tell them how much they mean to me. I am going to write letters to so many people. Many of them will be private but some I may publish on my blog. We will see. I do not know when my life as I know it will end but when it does, I will hopefully leave nothing undone and no stone unturned. What better gift than to love and to be loved?
A few days ago an online friend, who had a yahoo group, contacted me to tell me “thank you” for mentioning Astara while I was a member of his group. He had become a member of Astara and was now enrolled in their mystery school completing their Book of Life Degree Lessons. I am so happy that something I had written helped to change his path. Strange isn’t it? Something that seems small to me might just make a big difference to someone else! But perhaps it was not a coincidence maybe we were destined to meet in an online group?

I first found Astara when my kids were little, but I wasn’t ready to hear their message. It was not until many years later after I had an o.b.e. that I found them again. I signed up to be a member and started studying their Book of Life Degree Lessons. I have been studying their degree lessons ever since. I love Astara and I am so thankful not only that I found them but that I helped another find them as well. I believe that an “Astarian never walks alone!” This has comforted me so much in my times of darkness.

I have some very painful memories that I want to work on, but I don’t have the courage to share them yet. I will write them but I must do so as someone else. I must step out of myself and use the persona of another, perhaps Katherine Black. She is much stronger and more confident than I am. No, I do not have a second personality, I am simply writing with a pen name. And hopefully one day I will have enough courage and be strong enough to be and to accept myself.

Yesterday, I received an email saying that my comments to Walter Green at This is the Moment published part of my Day 27 blog on his web site along with the link to my Marsha’s Musings blog. Wooo hooo! I’m psyched. As I share my path of gratitude I can begin to see how the ripples of gratitude are expanding out slowly but ever so surely. Amazing to think how much difference one person can make in the world. My sincere thanks to Stacey Robyn! Go Gratitude!

Sharing the light with gratitude, I am Marsha.



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