Day 38 - Peace with Gratitude

Friday, October 15, 2010

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*Ascension Celebration by Willow Arlenea*
Gratitude and peace seem to go well together. After all who in their right mind could imagine Gratitude and war? Anyway, I can’t. Gratitude for the end of war, but never gratitude for war. In order to have gratitude in my life, it is necessary for me to be gratitude. I think to have peace, all of us must feel it and be it. Then and only then it will be so. To have peace, I will first be peace. Today, I am thankful for the peace that gratitude has brought into my life.

In today’s blog, Stacey talks about L’hitpallel. It means literally “to judge oneself”, from Living a Joyous Life defines it as “to do something to yourself, not to God.” I will no longer ask if God hears my prayers, because, if God is within me, then I must ask, am I listening to my prayers? How do I want to change myself to make these things happen? It is myself and my relationship to God that I am trying to change with prayer? This means to me that prayer is an exercise in self-reflection and self-evaluation. Ok, I know this is an ‘Aha’ moment, but it’s hurting my brain. It’s ‘New Light’ and I am thankful to have it in my awareness where it can now evolve and grow, integrating into my psyche. As always, another aha moment brings many more questions.

Today I accidently ingested some wheat, and I am allergic to it. I stuck my finger down my throat to purge what I could, then I took Benadryl. I feel ok, but I am really tired. I learned that I cannot rely on others to always label the food correctly. I must always ask questions especially if I am unsure and if I have any doubts, I won’t eat it. This is just one of many different things happening here in Ireland, just little things, but it’s making me feel like I am not supposed to be here. I have often wondered why do I feel like an outcast in the ‘Land of a Thousand Welcomes?’ Is it just this town or is it me? I am beginning to believe that it’s time to move on already. I am never the less grateful for all I have learned here but I am putting it out there, and we will see which door opens. I am in the moment, and going with the flow of Gratitude, welcoming dramatic changes in my life.

Walking my path in Gratitude and Peace. I am Marsha!



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