Day 39 - Moving Mountains With Gratitude

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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*ArtPeace by Krystleyez*
Today is my 39th day of writing my feelings from my heart with gratitude. I cannot believe how amazing it has been, how much I have changed and how much I have grown. As I write my pain I am releasing it. I am changing my life with gratitude and as I do I am moving closer to the light. I never know what I am going to write, I just kind of close my eyes for a moment and the words come to me.

I am so tired today, not because I didn’t sleep well, I did. It’s just a residual effect from yesterday’s allergic response to the wheat I ingested. I gave a small piece of the contaminated meat to my cat, Ash usually gobbles it up. I thought something was wrong when he turned up his nose, but I ate it anyway. We often refer to Ash as an ‘Eejit’ (Irish slang for idiot), but he is smarter than me. Aha!
*The Blessing Seed by Alison Dexter*
One of the things that I learned during my o.b.e. was that time passes differently on the other side. Here in Earth School, the illusion of time reinforces reality. So, I must still occasionally remind myself that this is not the true reality. I am living in a world of illusion, time as we know it does not exist in true reality. I see my life here as the curriculum in "Earth School." Memories of so many lessons are still painful, but that’s what I am here for and today I am humbly learning lessons from my cat!

Yesterday, I started reading Gratitude a Way of Life by Louise Hay. She talks about how the Universe loves gratitude. So the more great’full I am the more I receive! Yay! This is the Law of Gratitude. She goes on to say that complaining only brings more to complain about. 
“The Universe always gives us what we believe we deserve.”
It’s too easy, but such an interesting thought and an amazing concept.

I am walking in peace and moving mountains with gratitude! I am Marsha!



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