Day 27 - Angel of Gratitude

Monday, October 4, 2010

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As I progress through each day of the 42 days of the Final Wave of Gratitude I am noticing things with the Go Gratitude symbol and also finding much more gratitude in my life. Yesterday I received an email from Hay House and found a book by Walter Green, This Is The Moment. It’s about how he changed his life using the Law of Gratitude. I would love to read it, but of course, living in Ireland has its drawbacks. It takes longer for new books just released in the US to be available here in Ireland. So it’s just another lesson in patience for me. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I was, however, able to download a 3 page guide, Crafting Your Own Expressions of Gratitude, from his website. The reason I mention this is because it seems to fit in nicely with today’s message. The idea is to express my gratitude for what they’ve done for me and what it has meant in my life. The first step is ‘Who?’ The second step is ‘How?’ The third step is ‘What?’. There are so many people, I could write my own book about it. Hmmm, maybe I will. Now that’s a thought!

Just over a year ago my husband was out of work and had been for a while. I could barely walk with the bone on bone pain from arthritis in my hip and was only weeks away from being in a wheelchair. The pain kept me awake at night even though I was taking a lot of prescribed pain medication, sleeping pills and antidepressants. With no medical insurance and no income, I was lost in a downward spiral into my dark night of my soul with no end in sight.

My Angel a.k.a. Richard W. Garner, M.D.
Somehow, someway, the Angels were watching over me and I was saved. I was accepted by Anchorage Project Access, and my Angel, Dr. Garner. Everything was donated to me, the doctor, the hospital, nursing, everything. My medications were $5 or less. I am truly blessed and will be forever great’full. Many people have made a significant impact on my life but nothing more dramatically than this. I still have some issues and I will never be young again, but I thank God every day I can get out of bed and walk!

Sharing my emotions freely, loving passionately from the heart, and always with gratitude. I am Marsha!


Angel of Gratitude Reaches Out


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