Letters of Gratitude 11/11/2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

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On November 11, 2010, the one year anniversary of my hip replacement surgery I wrote thank you letters to the doctor and the charitable organization that made it all possible. I want to share my heart felt letters of gratitude with you.

Letter to Dr. Richard W. Garner
A year ago could barely walk and I certainly couldn’t do it without extreme pain. I really was only a few weeks away from being in a wheelchair and unable to walk at all. Today and everyday since my hip replacement surgery, I thank God that I can walk and I thank God for you. There is nothing I can ever say that can even come close to expressing my heart felt gratitude for the miraculous life-changing surgery you performed on me on November 11, 2009. I can only say you are my Angel, Dr. Garner. Thank you so very much and thank you for making a difference.

Letter to Anchorage Project Access
I just wanted to send you a short thank you note, even though I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough for the wonderful gift you have given to me. You really have changed my life. I was literally only weeks away from being unable to walk and spending my life in a wheelchair. I was lost in a never ending cycle of pain, depression and sleepless nights. Today and everyday since my hip replacement surgery on November 11, 2009, I thank God that I can walk. Thank you so very much and please give my heart felt thanks to all the wonderful Angels at Project Access.

I also chose this time to return my Prayer Card to Astara. Since this is also part of my healing path, I am reposting it here as well.

Astara Prayer Card
My greatest need is to live in joy and also to have peace in my life and within my family. I wish to continue growing spiritually with Astara’s degree lessons. I hope to find my true path through communication. I would like to make a difference in the world by sharing my story. I aspire to contribute to the greater good while helping others as I walk my healing path of gratitude.

The tradition of the prayer card began 50 years ago, ‘blending the power of intent with the workings of the Divine already present in each highest good.’ The Voice of Astara, November 2010. The card becomes part of Astara’s special Christmas Service and thus becomes ‘a powerful vehicle for growth, healing, transformation…’

So as the Astarian Tradition continues, my new tradition of sending thank you cards on the anniversary of my life changing surgery begins…

And so as my healing path continues…always with gratitude, I am Marsha!


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