Beautiful Gratitude

Friday, March 25, 2011

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Today I am moving to gratitude when I get overwhelmed by the demands I am placing upon myself in my world. And today, I choose to see every drama as an ‘Opportunity.’ I have learned that the frustrations I have are simply the result of my own thinking, wrong as it may be. And so this means that all I have to do to transform my life is to remind myself to think and behave a little bit differently, each day. Another aha moment!

The messages today from The Universe and Neale Donald Walsch seem as if they were written especially for me. It’s so strange how this seems to work sometimes. But then I often get messages from what others say. So why do I have to make it so difficult?

I love this picture by Stacey. It’s simple yet it tells such an uplifting story from ‘Show Up and Shine’ to ‘Blooming Human.’ It’s inspiring somehow and just looking at it makes me smile! And the title today ‘Beauty All Around’ describes this picture perfectly!

I have the power to program my reality simply by choosing my vibrational state. And today I choose to see the beauty in all things filling my heart with gratitude.

In love and gratitude, I am Marsha!

"The new science of epigenetics recognizes that environmental signals are the primary regulators of gene activity. As described in my book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, cells read and respond to the conditions of their environment using membrane protein perception switches. Activated switches send signals to control behavior and regulate the activity of the genes.

This editing process can provide for normal or dysfunctional protein products from the same gene. You can be born with healthy genes and through epigenetic processes, express mutant behaviours, such as cancer. Similarly, you can be born with defective mutant genes, and through epigenetic mechanisms, create normal healthy proteins and functions. Perceptions shape biology and behaviour.

The conventional belief that the genome represents the equivalent of a computer's 'read-only' program is now proven to be false. Epigenetic mechanisms modify the readout of genetic the code-- which means that genes actually represent 'read-write' programs, wherein life experiences actively redefine an individual's genetic expression. The 'new' biology is based upon the fact that perception controls behaviour and gene activity!

The control is with YOU."

~ Bruce Lipton


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