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Friday, March 11, 2011

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I am a blooming human and here I grow...I begin my first blog in another series of 42. My first experience with Go Gratitude was fantastic. So, I am really expecting big changes to come. It’s so exciting, and frightening too, but I am not afraid. I know that whatever falls away is no longer needed and it will be replaced by new things I do need for my lessons here in Earth School to continue. I hope to further develop my ‘Unique role’ whatever that might be in the ‘New Reality’ that is coming in this year of the elevens, twenty ‘11.’

I have planted 4 dream seeds for each of my dreams, we shall see what may come, what will grow and most importantly how each will bloom or not. I am hopeful and excited, even a little impatient. I have so much to do, but I also know it’s easier when I do a little each day, and it quickly adds up. This is a great insight for a procrastinator! Another aha moment!

I am beginning my writing on March 10 even though the 9th Unity Wave began yesterday because the email from Stacey came so late yesterday evening I didn’t have time to write. My writing time is in the morning, so unless the emails come early I will have to write the next day. But really it doesn’t matter, I will still be writing for 42 days, it will all work out.

I cannot end today with out mentioning my grandfather, George, today, March 10th was his birthday. I remember one story he told me from when he was little, he said the Indian would come on their farm and take away the dead chickens that had died naturally. I suppose they must have eaten them. I’m not sure, I so wish I would have paid more attention, because now I have so many questions. He was a kind and caring man and I loved him very much, I am so thankful for the time we spent together. 

So here we grow, birthing a new reality in gratitude. I am Marsha!


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