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Friday, March 25, 2011

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Is it possible to capture what’s in your mind with a picture? A picture is worth a thousand words but the mind is so complex with so much going on I don’t think it is possible. However, when I look at this picture, I think of the mind with all it’s intricate thoughts and memories. I see so much going on and perhaps a thousand stories instead of a thousand words. It’s a fascinating work of art and aptly named.

It seems fitting for me on this day relating to where I am in the process of being a Blooming Human. I feel calmer today, stilled being pulled in so many directions with so much going on. But I am still going within, entering the castle of my soul and spending time with God. I look forward to this time each day, a time when the world stops. I find peace and joy in the stillness and the Light that is within.

A blooming human am I am Marsha!

The Initiation

"Face the rising Sun and begin to meditate.

... Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge of the cosmos. As the Sun begins to rise, look directly at it. Please use discretion here. Just one second of pure sunlight directly in the eyes is enough. Then close your eyes and begin to say the name of the sun, K'in in the Mayan language, and catch your spirit in your hands by holding your hands out in front of your face as if you were holding a sphere.

Just as Om-m-m is the name of the Earth, K'in is the name of the Sun. The name of the sun sounds like K'eeeeeeen with a distinct e sound. You may need to practice this a little while to get the hang of it. When you do it properly, you will hear the sound of the Sun in your ears and in your head.

Say K'in, K'inn, K'innn, K'innnn

Say K'in seven times for your body, seven times for your spirit, and seven times for the awakening of the cosmic human. You can actually feel the energy of your spirit in your hands. Feel the vibration in your hands.

Hear the sound of the Sun in your heart. Now place the blessings of your spirit on the Earth by bending down and placing your hands flat upon the Earth. Allow your spirit to enter the Earth and send your blessings and intentions to walk on earth in a way that will awaken yourself and others into rightful living once again. 

Many benefits are experienced by our connection with the Sun. Some among these are clearer thinking, inner peace, improved health and ultimately a more harmonious and productive life. It is easy to maintain your solar connection by taking a few moments each day to orient and realign yourself to the sun.

This is a most auspicious time for humanity. The Mayas encourage us to walk through this door into the Itza Age, and leave the world of illusion behind. It is simple. Just place your intention on the sun and absorb its light and information. We are on the threshold of a major shift for humanity into becoming cosmic human beings."

excerpt from "Homo Luminous - The Neo Cosmic Human"


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