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Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Last night I was listening to the 9th CD in the series “Entering the Castle” by Caroline Myss. She said that there are very few people who pray for the earth and all the people, for an end to war, hunger and starvation. Please tell me this isn’t so. I have done this for so long I can’t even remember not doing so. I cannot be the only person who prays for the highest good. This is crazy...it just seems natural to me and I thought everyone did. So I asked my husband and he said he did not. Wow, talk about an eye opener!

Recently I started blessing the water I use and not only that, I blessed all the water in the pipes in my apartment building… When I worked at NSU I asked angels to perform healings on everyone who entered the building I worked in everyday. Every time I hear a siren I pray for those helping and those needing help. There must be others somewhere who also do things like this. Isn’t there? Please tell me there is. I can’t be the only one. I guess I may not know who they are, but I know in my heart of hearts there are others out there sharing their light with world, holding the Light, making it a better place for everyone.

And now I believe more than ever, I must increase my light to help heal the world. I will continue living in gratitude, and sharing my light with the world as I have always done. The is my purpose, I know because I can feel it in my soul, and it has always been my purpose and will continue to be so now and forever.

I am Marsha!

Now crisis is vital to evolution for newness to emerge, and failure is important to prevent the repeat of past mistakes. We are currently in the midst of a transition from a system based on power and control to a system that is inherently emergent and creative. I think this shift needs to be made through the synergistic convergence of the creative and emergent aspects happening in our culture right now.  We need to connect the positive elements in a creative and nonlinear way through novel interactions, just like we are doing in this conversation.

~ Barbara Marx Hubbard


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