Love, Light, Gratitude

Sunday, March 27, 2011

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The flame within my heart illuminates the healing path that I now walk with gratitude and love. For many years now I have been using “In light and love” as my closing in emails. Then during my 42 days of writing in the 9th and Final Wave of Gratitude, I added “gratitude.” It has always felt right for me to do so, but it was only just now as I wrote the first sentence of this blog that I knew why.
I found the flame in my heart about a year and a half ago when I was listening to one of the meditations in Channeling Grace by Carolyn Myss. It was a time when I was lost in the depths of darkness that can only comes from depression. It was a turning point. I could feel the small flame in my heart, I could see and most importantly, I knew it was there. I kept it burning and allowed it to grow, lighting my path until I could pull myself out of the dark pit of depression.
It’s strange how things happen sometimes, but that’s what keeps it interesting. And besides, I love these aha moments! I’m sure that this is how it was supposed to happen, everything I have experienced in my life has perfectly prepared me for this moment, just as it’s supposed to be.

Always with gratitude and a flame in my heart, I am Marsha!



Creator said...
split me in four and I am the Children
of the Four Directions come together again.
This brings us together;
we are one again.
~ Apache prophecy.
Maria Yraceburu, Hopiland 2007 ~ On prophecy, The
Power of Love, and the Coming Together of the Children
of the Four Directions:


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