Loving Gratitude

Saturday, March 26, 2011

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In this moment, I choose to be love. This is like being Reiki, once you learn Reiki, you cannot help but be Reiki. So I choose to be love, today, tomorrow and for all the days in my life. And so I choose to birth a new reality, allowing that which no longer serves me to fall away as the spent leaves fall from the trees in Autumn.

I find that I am often touching something hot and burning my fingers, hands, and wrists. My most recent self-inflicted injury was on the top of my hand as I reached in to remove the pan from under the grill. The reason I mention this is because yesterday I had a flash of genius, a light turned on...and it finally occurred to me that if I starting wearing the oven mitts that this would solve my problem. But it would do nothing to help my prior injury unless I also wear them when I’m draining pasta! Ahhh! Live and learn, bloom and grow…

And so I grow, in gratitude, I am Marsha!

~ The Door of Everything
"Your sacred seed, your spark of life,
awaits only the cooperation of your totally still heart center.
When you have extended this cooperation,
the sacred seed will begin to grow,
to fulfill its cosmic pattern as the human hull falls away
and allows the holymetamorphosis to be completed."


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