Prayers of Gratitude

Monday, March 14, 2011

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I find change particularly difficult. I have always needed to feel safe and secure, but I have learned this is not real, only an illusion. Change is the only thing that is real. It is the only thing I can count on in this life.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to write each and every day of the 42 days of the 9th and Final Wave of Gratitude. I am not doing that this time. I received the first email on the 11th and not on the 9th as I had expected. So, I am not putting so much pressure on myself. I would go crazy and I am close enough to the edge as it is.

Our life was turned upside down when my husband was fired in January, it seems as if it’s only a minor annoyance compared to the massive destruction occurring in the rest of the world, from earthquakes and tsunamis to financial destruction and the crumbling infrastructure, oh and don’t forget the wars, death and starvation. In this time of dramatic change, and uncertainty, I am finding comfort by going within my soul to find God. As I enter the castle of my soul and close the drawbridge, shutting out the world, I find clarity, inspiration, and peace of mind. And most importantly, I am nurturing the Dream Seed growing within!

In gratitude, I am a Blooming Human, I am Marsha!


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