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Monday, March 28, 2011

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The Blessing Seed
What if...what we have been told about the Trinity is not in fact true, but each element, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is only symbolic. Well I guess it is sort of true, but only because each embodies that which is the Trinity within your soul, Knowledge, Truth and Power. This is the true nature of the Divine and can only be understood by entering the inner Castle that is your soul and being alone with God.

I now know, I see things differently than most people, so to say this is probably an understatement. It’s only Day 16 and it seems to me that the spiritual transformation I am making is going to be much more dramatic than what occured during the '9th and Final Wave of Go Gratitude.' I am in awe as I begin the process of 'Birthing a New Reality!'

With an ever-evolving illuminated heart, I am Marsha!

The seeds of Reunion are sprouting everywhere. That which was hidden for millennia is coming to light. Soon, fertilized by the detritus of our decaying civilization, the sprouts will mature, bloom, and bear fruit. Our job is first to receive them, then to spread them everywhere and to guard and foster them with every ounce of our love.

~ The Three Seeds, by Charles Eisenstein


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