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Friday, April 29, 2011

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We live in a world of illusion, where the ego is queen or king as the case might be, but this can change and is changing for many of us. I have learned not to listen to the negative thoughts of the ego and the fear it creates, usually or at least I am trying. I know that it’s not real, and only Love is real.

I have stopped criticizing myself so harshly, putting my self down, and beating myself up. I remember years ago reading self help books telling me to ‘Love Myself.’ I could never really understand how to do this or even how it would help, but somehow over the years I have come to love myself even though I thought I never could.

I am open to new ways of perceiving the world and a knew Be-Leaf System is appearing for me. So many of the things that I thought were important are not because I have learned that anything that is not an extension of love is meaningless. I have found the peace and beauty in the silence and stillness within, the Divine Light burning in my heart.

So, just for today… I BE-member I am Love, awakening to my True Divine Nature - LOVE, integrating truth, dissolving all layers of illusion and separation, shifting into a deeper resonance and connection with ALL that is.

Awakening to my True Divine Nature - LOVE, I am Marsha!

The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine

“As we become more aligned with the essence of our true nature that is love we more readily accept our selves and others as they are. Coming from this loving place opens our hearts in mutual compassion and stimulates the innate potential for healing in ourselves and in our relationships.

Love is not a verb, it is a noun because it is energetic stuff we are made of that emanates from our core. It is what we experience when we return to our original state of being. We can see its quality in everything especially when we extend the love that we have for ourselves to others. Loving is not something we contemplate or intellectualize doing. It is actively holding the space of love by being present!"

~ Alisa Battaglia


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