Branching Gratitude

Thursday, April 7, 2011

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I grew up in the mountains of Colorado. I have always loved trees. We had a lot of pine trees around our house and I used to climb them. I will never forget the smell of the pine in the air. I was a tree-hugger before I even know what it meant.

As I learned about energy and began sensing it with my hands, I also began feeling the energy of trees. Their energy is amazing and so very different from each other. It seems as if each tree has it’s own personality.

When I first learned about ‘grounding’ I imagined myself as a tree, with my branches reaching to the Heavens and my roots anchoring deep within the ground. I found that when I touched a tree it was quick and easy to ground by following its roots deep into the ground.

Now I am fascinated by trees, I love looking at them and taking pictures of them, especially in winter when they have shed their coats of leaves. They are naked in winter, while humans, put on their coats to keep warm, and in summer they are wearing their ‘clothes of leaves,’ while we show more skin. Interesting...

With branching possibilities, I am Marsha

"The cosmic way of thinking is awaken in the world of the Enchanted Flower, for human beings recognize her-his-self as an entity of a higher order, the divine order, where all is a big family, for the worlds are part of the one as one is part of the all, all is a beautiful orchestra happening with completely divine order, in a perfect harmony.

In this beautiful world where the true human being have always been, all is bonding into one, for it is the one that unfolded, the one that understands where you have always been, for you are being integrated into a higher version of your own self.

There is one single language, that resides in the outside as well in the inside, for communication happens in a very direct form, there is no filters that create a process, it is a communication that is unfolding instantaneously, and is happening with everything that exist, at the same time, for time equals zero, love is the energy that connects in the purity of the essence, and the connection is the way of living.

In the world of the Enchanted Flower, there (are) no separations of the chakras, no divisions between conscious and subconscious, no separation of mind, body emotions, spaces or dimensions, for all the dimensions are contained in the one. This means that there is no world separated.
It means that there are worlds inside of a worlds inside of a worlds, all is completely integrated, all is one, for through the essence of all vibrations communication is taking place, for the root of the tree of life has always been one, for the one is contained in the whole as the whole is contained in the one."

~Magdala Ramirez


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