Divine Union

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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With my dream seeds planted, not only am I a blooming human, I am becoming a Tree of Love. My branches are reaching for the light, while my roots reach into the darkness of the earth, expanding, thriving, and blooming in a balance of night and day. And there must always be a balance, between good and evil, light and dark… I am creating from my heart center a perfectly balanced Divine union in oneness, as I merge with the great being-ness.

For many years when I thought of success, I thought of being rich. And when I thought of ambition I also thought in the terms of money. But I no longer think that way. I have come to learn that it’s the treasures you store in your heart and not the bank that are important. I could never be rich anyway because I would give it to those who need it more than me. My ambition now is to help as many people as I can, by praying for them and to continue sending healing to every living being and to our mother earth. I will continue blessing the water of the earth for as long as I live. I will endeavor to raise my vibration to the highest possible level to channel as much light and love as I can for as long as I am alive and beyond...

With flowering visions and dreams, I am Marsha!

A new platform of reality is being constructed for our human family and our beloved planet earth. We are the creators of this platform based on our beliefs, thoughts and actions. Humanity is being asked to take this next evolutionary leap in conscious choice necessary to accelerate our personal and planetary evolution.

Because flow and alignment with truth can only be sustained by being an open conduit for our Creator/Source, we must recover our resonance with our true Divine Nature. The truth of the natural order of creation has been distorted over time.

Balance is being restored within us and our connection to all life. Every life is important. We are entering the time of a new and extraordinary opportunity for humanity and our planet earth. By re-balancing your connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of creation, you begin to express your authentic miraculous self more precisely.

Flow and alignment become the natural experience of life and struggle is released. This is something that has always been available to you. As fear and doubt and resistance and misunderstanding give way to understanding, trust and love, we become a means by which our natural state is the expression of Unconditional Love. The natural progression is then to a peaceful, cooperative and loving world… the world becomes a better place.

~ Donna Aazura


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