Flow-er of Gratitude

Friday, April 8, 2011

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As I have mentioned previously I have been placing a lot of pressure on myself and I was not making much progress. So I had to take a step back from the subject I was trying so hard to learn. But before I could get back to learning to use the advanced techniques available in WordPress, I got sick. Then I wasn’t able to keep up with my daily blogs.

After about a week and a half, it moved down into my lungs and I was having trouble breathing, so I had to go to the doctor yesterday. Today with prednisone and antibiotics I am feeling better. I still have a lot of congestion in my lungs but I am sure I will soon be back to my studies. I really do think that when I do begin again, I will not be so stressed about it, and I know things will go a lot smoother.

This happens to my daughter too, it seems like every time she has too many commitments and has overextended herself she gets sick. My husband struggles with his addiction to nicotine and he is forced once again to quit smoking when he gets a severe case of bronchitis. And yet he keeps smoking and then quitting. Ah, so many lessons to learn… we are all ‘Cosmic Flow-er’s of Love, Blooming in the Garden of Illuminated Hearts.’

In sickness and in health, always with gratitude, I am Marsha

"Sit down in meditation, Dear Ones. Deepen this knowing, this oneness with all life, with your brothers and sisters, with mother earth, and above all, with your Divine God Self within you. Sit down in meditation and place your consciousness within the center of your Sacred Heart and allow the expansion, to open your heart as a flower.

You may visualize this expansiveness as the opening of the many petals of a lotus blossom, a rose, any flower which ignites your visualization, and provides this expansion for you.
As you expand upon the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and visualize the Flower of Life symbol. Sacred geometry ignites fire letters and key codes, symbols which assist you in making the transition to your crystalline light body of the fifth dimension.

Sacred geometry will assist you in activating your Merkiva, your light body which will be your vehicle for travel in the fifth dimension. As you breathe and meditate upon the opening and the expansion of the sacred flower in your heart, allow the transition to the symbol of the Flower of Life.

Allow the Flower of Life symbol to overlay your Sacred Heart, to overlay the flower you have opened. Feel the expansion. Allow the activation of the Flower of Life to integrate into the love of your Sacred Heart."

 ~ Michelle Coutant www.transformingradiance.com


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