Garden of Gratitude

Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Mistress Mary, Quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, And cockle shells,
And so my garden grows.
~ Tommy Thumb’s Pretty Song Book (c. 1744)

It seems a strange coincidence that as I write this blog today, Jack and The Beanstalk is on the television. Hmmm… maybe I should call it synchronicity! After all there are no coincidences. A beanstalk grows from five magic beans . . . fascinating! A Tree of Love has grown from my Dream Seeds planted in my heart . . . magical!

As my heart seeds bloom, my thoughts turn towards the first garden, the Garden of Eden. I realize that without the Original Sin, or Original Blessing as the case might be, I would not know anything but paradise. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? And isn’t it what we are all trying to attain? Well most of us. So, without the “Knowledge of Good and Evil”, how would I know the difference between right and wrong or Heaven or Hell?

When I had an out of body experience, I experienced pure ecstasy. If I lived only in paradise, I would never have understood what that even was. I could not enjoy living in paradise without this knowledge. It was inevitable, even predestined that those of us who chose to incarnate here on earth would experience good and evil. Difficult though I know it is, filled with pain, despair, suffering, but also so much joy and love! What wonderful lessons I have learned here in “Earth School!” With more to come, I’m sure, since my time here is not yet finished.

As so my Dream Seeds have grown into a Tree of Love in the Garden of Illuminated Hearts. Oh, what joy and bliss, lies within this garden, and so I choose to live the rest of my days here, exploring and continuing to grow, allowing the flame within my heart to illuminate my path. With each breath, and each step of my journey, gratitude fills my soul with bliss.

With guidance, clarity and inspiration, I am Marsha!


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