Haiku Gratitude

Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Dream Seeds root and shoot;
buds forming, drinking Love’s Light;
nascent Life grows on.
~Blooming Human’s Day 21

I think Haiku is beautiful to read. I didn’t think I could ever write it because I’ve never really been into poetry. I do have few favorite poems though. Write it? No I don’t think so...but never the less, with Stacey’s prompting, I created one today. I am amazed, I didn’t think I could do it.

A Blooming Human,
a Divine seed bursting through
to a new reality.
~ Marsha!

Many people have posted their Haiku on the Blooming Human’s facebook page and they are beautiful creations. I really enjoyed reading them. I know how much meaning they have to each person who wrote them because I can feel the power of all the dream seeds in each persons heart.

Bringing my Dream Seeds to Light, I am Marsha!

"Haiku is about inter-being. The word "interbeing" originated with the Vietnamese Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh. It means: everything is in everything else. We experience this reality through mindfulness, through Being in the Here and Now. One life-energy is permeating everything.

Haiku means letting this energy/life/reality write itself.

Or, to put it simply: A haiku records an immediate experience of life. Haiku writing is sometimes called a way of life, rather than an art. It could also be described as a way of seeing, listening, being.

Because haiku writing is rooted in experience, the best time to compose a haiku poem is right after the event. But the experience comes first! Only afterwards, when it is recalled, as vividly as possible, we can put it into words that convey, as directly as possible, what happened."

~ The Haiku Path


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