In Gratitude We Grow

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Just for today …
Enter the castle of your soul,
The Sacred Space of your Heart
And be alone with God.

For me it’s important to have an open mind not only to receiving Divine Light but also to new ideas. So it’s especially important for me to release old beliefs and strive to find true understanding. This is also a choice, and I choose to be open. How can I learn anything if my mind is closed? There is so much knowledge out there, it is literally impossible to absorb it in one lifetime or even several. I know that I am only touching the surface, I am only seeing the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I have come to realize that I know nothing. Another ah-ah moment!

Today I am choosing to be open to feeling the real-ness of the IS-ness, wholly and completely in every facet of my BE-ing and to experience the Great-Full-Ness of life. I choose to continue releasing my judgments and false beliefs, and to be open to learning and receiving and of course, I will always continue asking questions.

There is so much more to life than how I perceive in to be. Even though we may all be one, we all have our own realities and since there are over 6 billion people alive on Earth today, that means there are over 6 billion different realities! Imagine that!

I am gratefully sharing a common vision and path, I am Marsha!

Gratefulness in the character is like fragrance in the flower. A person however learned and qualified in his life's work, in whom gratefulness is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes the personality fragrant.

If we answer every little deed of kindness with appreciation, we develop in our nature the spirit of gratefulness; and by learning this we rise to that state where we begin to realize God's goodness toward us, and for this we can never be grateful enough to His/Her divine compassion.

The great Sufi poet Sa'di teaches gratefulness as being the means of attracting that favour, forgiveness, and mercy of God upon us in which is the salvation of our soul.

There is much in life that we can be grateful for, in spite of all the difficulties and troubles of life.  Sa'di says, "The sun and moon, and the rain and clouds, all are busy to prepare your food for you, and it is unfair indeed if you do not appreciate it in thanksgiving."

God's goodness is something one cannot learn to know at once; it takes time to understand it.  But little actions of kindness which we receive from those around us we can know, and we can be thankful if we want to be.  In this way man develops gratefulness in his nature, and expresses it in his thought, speech, and action as an exquisite form of beauty.

~ Inayat Khan


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