In Oneness

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Just for today …
Breathe into your Heart
Knowing you are One Tree of Love,
Growing amongst many
In the Garden of Illuminated Hearts.
~ Stacey Robyn

I know within my heart and soul that we are all one and that the separation I feel is only an illusion. Have you ever been close enough to someone to feel their energy, their heat? If so, them you have touched their Grace, the Light of God within them. And so today I choose to see the Light of God within everyone. I know that if we could all do this, our world would be filled with love and joy and happiness! Imagine how the Angels would sing...

I believe there is Light within all religions, as well as darkness. This is but another balance of good and evil. And so I am all religions, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist… and I am none! I also know that this balance of Light and Dark exists within me, and I strive always to heal the darkness and learn and grow, filling my being with more and more Light. And I have found the Divine deep within my soul… I have found peace.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason, I found ’Go Gratitude’ when my soul was ready to hear the message and not a second before. There are so many things that are life changing, some are a lot more pleasant than others. Fully participating in the Blooming Humans 42 Day Message Series by Stacey Robyn is certainly one of them. Both series have opened doors to miraculous new possibilities for me and brought positive changes into my life.

My mother is incapable of love and never told me that she loved me. I asked her about this when I was older and she blamed it on me because I had never told her that I loved her first! Then she blamed it on her parents. I feel sorry for her, because she believes that she cannot change, so it’s true for her and sadly, for many others too. But I know that’s not really the truth, it’s only a belief, it seems real to her but it’s still only what she believes. Everyone can change, and many people do. It really is a choice and the first step to changing bad behavior is recognizing it. When you recognize it, you can make the choice to change it even though it is not easy.

Of course, the last thing I ever wanted to be is like my mother, so I decided to be a better parent, anyway that was my goal. I hugged my children everyday and told them often that I loved them. Now I tell them every time I talk to them.

Birthing a new reality, I am a Blooming Human! I am Marsha!


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