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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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I believe one of the hardest lessons to learn is to live in the present. At first it’s so difficult, but as time goes on it becomes easier to be in the now. I have found in times of stress it’s so helpful and calming to take a moment to just listen to the stillness between my thoughts, and to be in the now.

My soul is ready and is calling out for transformation. Since 2011 is already bringing major transformation all around the world, it’s the perfect time for making changes. Change my constant companion, has not always been easy for me, but it is one thing I can always count on. As my energy shifts, it is becoming easier to release that which is no longer resonating with me, allowing it to fall away.

And speaking of allowing the old, dense energy to flow away and replacing it with a clearer more balanced expression of light… my old computer died. And thankfully I was able to replace it. I love my new laptop, even though I had to learn how to touch type with an Irish style keyboard, some of the keys are in different locations. It’s such a process getting all the software reinstalled and I have even had to purchase updates to make it work with Windows 7. I’m still working on it, but I am getting there, slowly but surely.

It’s only April and it seems like many major changes are occurring for me, and of course, all over the world, with more to come I’m sure. I feel that 2011 is only a prelude to what’s going to happen in 2012. I have always felt that I am here for the ‘transformation’ which I originally thought would be in 2000. But I wasn’t ready then, because I was still afraid of what the future would bring. My intuition tells me it is happening now, and I am at peace. Whatever is still with me at the end of 2012 is what is supposed to be here.

I am peace! I am Marsha!

“Explanations usually come along with intuitive messages on a ‘need to know basis.’ When the bigger, more important messages need to surface, they will, so pay attention! Listen with your heart. We know that the heart has many more neurons than it would need just for circulation of blood.

By following through on your everyday hunches, you are actually taking test drives, virtually honing in on your listening skills. These skills will serve you well. Everyone is apparently somewhat psychic, but many people just have flabby psychic muscles.

Learning to listen to your inner dialog tones and strengthens this muscle. The more you use your intuition the better you get at it. When we choose to ignore our gut instincts, we are only hurting ourselves. The holistic or wholistic movement is about healing this problem.

Listening to your intuition is the essence of art and creativity and soulful living. Intuition is what you use to find the purpose of your life and your place in the world. Once you awaken your inner guide by unlocking the wisdom of your subconscious mind, you already know what to do.”
~ AngelFire


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