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Monday, April 25, 2011

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Just for today …
Be Love.
Nothing more,
Nothing less …
For Love is All that IS.
~ Day 35 Be Love, Stacey Robyn

Life is full of choices. Suffering is a choice, as is joy. We are here as masters, not as victims, even though it may not seem that way sometimes. It’s important to remember, especially when bad things happens, that being a victim is a choice. So choose to be the Master that you truly are. Can it really be this simple?

Do you realize that choosing to be Love each day is a choice? Perhaps it’s just a human trait, but it seems we try to make things harder than they have to be. Why is that? I have to wonder is there someone or something out there trying to keep us all locked in the dark. Perhaps it’s the age old battle between Good and Evil, Right or Wrong, Heaven and Hell, etc. No matter what you call it, it is a war. And the only way to win is to make the choice, to be Love. So choose today to be the Master that you are.

What if everyone in the world made the choice to be Love, or to be Kind, there would be no more war, no more murders, no more rapes… I can certainly imagine that it would be amazing. There of course would still be sickness, suffering, accidents, and we all know there is no escaping death, but maybe if people where not motivated by money and greed, then drugs and medical treatments would be available to everyone, even those who can’t pay or don’t have insurance. I will never understand how people can make the choice to be so evil, I cannot fathom it, not in my wildest dreams.

So from this day forward, I choose to walk my healing path of gratitude in love and light and BE the Master that I am!

Always choosing to be Love, and transforming my world, I am Marsha!

“Everything we do or say has the potential to affect the whole;
imagine how powerful that is.” ~DailyOM


Anonymous said...

With the chemical imbalances, defects of personality, dis orders, dis eases passing from one generation to another... Abusive behaviors are not recognized as abusive until the knowledge & education is placed in view of the person seeing and or doing it. The person sees that what they repeat is what they saw in their first 5 years of life. We accept the behaviors we experience as normal.
My research in this area has been from many areas of my life experiences.

In other words... Marsha ~~~ it's not as simple as good - evil Choose love ?!

your mention of love was confusing to me . Accept thousands of us haven't seen healthy love, therefore we don't know how to give it. You seem to say all people know the difference and the choice is natural to choose love.... Or that we each have the same experiences and levels of education about all the subjects you brought up. Parental kindness, affection, discipline is unique to each situation I feel.

The 60's would have brought the changes you seek in the world ... afterall that was the generation of love and free expression..

I feel the first step is recognizing your actions and behaviors are actually not acceptable. Then believing, trusting that learning the difference is actually necessary. Starting with those who know no other way is not like dealing with a child under 5 who is still forming his accepting behaviors and lifestyle fir the rest of this life on earth. Most offenders have been formed by their abusers. Children can't just move out when they know 'things' aren't 'right' within them or what they are seeing or learning (religion, smoking, eating meat)

Please let me know if the word are from you in your post. You spoke of ( did you compose this writing) darkness... I believe we have a veil in this existence that could be what you are describing. Before I take anymore time to get into this I will wait to hear if you wrote this

I am Marsha! said...

I so appreciate your comments and I love the way you look at things. You have given me something to think about, a wonderful new way of looking at things.

For each blog in the Dream Seed series, I get my inspiration from Stacey Robyn’s blogs. I sometimes follow what she has written more closely than other times, and sometimes I just write what comes to me. But what I have written in Be Love is from what I was thinking and feeling at the time after reading her blog.

I so understand what you are saying about normal. My mom and dad always argued and yelled at each other, and guess what, I thought that was normal! My mother is incapable of love and my dad was always ‘disappointed’ in me. Then my first husband was an abusive alcoholic, and OMG, I thought the horrors I lived with were normal. I came so close to committing suicide just to escape it all, but thank God, I came to my senses, got help and got out. He told me that he would kill me if I ever left him, and I thought that would be better than staying with him. Pretty scary stuff!

I think many people don’t realize they can change their lives. How can anyone change if they believe they can’t? If nothing else, my writing is helping me to heal and grow, but I would like to inspire others to begin questioning what they have always been told and hopefully planting a seed so they grow spiritually.

In my experience my times of the most spiritual growth has been during the darkest times. I have also found that when I have refused to change or ignored my intuition, I am forced to make the change one way or another. I know that it is not as simple as choosing love for everyone, and it hasn’t always been so for me. What I was trying to say is that it has become more natural for me to choose to be kind to others. I know that I don’t always make myself clear, but I also know this is a life lesson for me, something that I will work on for as long as I live.

Thank you dear friend, I am so looking forward to reading more of your comments.

In love, I am Marsha

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