Together in Gratitude

Monday, May 2, 2011

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Just for today …

“Enter the silence, and breathe into the sacred space of the Heart where the Light of Love lives. In the silent space of communion with the Divine… imagine a Garden of Illuminated Hearts filled with Trees of Love, each unique and precious creating a landscape of perpetual change … each a living, breathing flow-er of Live.”
~ Day 41 The Great Coming Together, Stacey Robyn

I am Birthing my New Reality, in the Sacred Space at the Heart of my Being where Love lives. Never in my I-MAGI-NATION could I have foretold the changes that this 42 day series of blogs would bring in my life. I am so Great-Full that I was able to participate in Birthing a New Reality. And my heart-felt Great-Full-Ness to Stacey Robyn for helping me, along with so many others, to become a Blooming Human and to grow into a Tree of Love in the Garden of Illuminated hearts. I feel so much more connected to All that IS, and to One another.

Looking back, I am so thankful to be where I am today. I don’t think I would be here if God had not loved me so completely and unconditionally when I struggled with darkness in the depths of depression, fighting so many battles of good and evil and so afraid of being alone. I am calm and I have found peace deep within, and I now know that I am not alone. My beliefs have changed dramatically, and just knowing that I am not alone is huge for me because this was one of my biggest fears. And all the times that I thought I was so desperately alone was only an illusion, it was not real.

I have certainly Birthed a New Reality. It’s really pretty amazing, and I am so thankful that I was willing to hear the message and to allow new doors to be opened in my life. I am entering the Age of Peace and Illumination. In Oneness as one Heart, I feel the Joyous Great Coming Together of the Children of the Four Directions.

With One Heart, in Gratitude, I am Marsha!

The Gabriel Messages

When thousands gather for prayer and communion with each other, by technology or in person, a new level of Light embraces the planet. There are many masters, angels and ascended beings working with the people of the Earth to create a new way of living before it is too late.

The power of this non-physical assistance, when joined with the gathering force of awakened heart-centered beings, is not to be doubted.

Your part is clear. As you rise up in yourself to find a higher form of grace and astute awareness, you become part of the great Web of Peace encircling the planet. Every person who is awakening is essential to this movement.

As you allow your heart to be your guide, your actions become more peace centered, and your awareness is filled with the Light of Truth. Rejoice in the possibilities that exist for the Earth during this precious time. Make yourself receptive to the many high-frequency activations that are currently sweeping the world and integrate them into your being.

Remember how important your very presence is to this evolution of consciousness. When hearts and minds are attuned to the Oneness that is Divine Love, it sparks new more enlightened activity, and Peace will prevail upon the Earth.

You are loved beyond your capacity to truly know with your mind, but you can feel it in your heart. You can learn to join in the alignment with your most sacred, Divine Self to receive your own answers and be empowered in every area of your life.

This is a magical time that can uplift humanity and bring a sense of sacredness to the Earth. Your continued support is invaluable.

Your sacred task is to release any attachment to the appearance of disharmony, but to hold to the love inherent within all things, especially yourself. As you do this it will bring more Light to the planet. This job is yours if you choose. Come, heed the call and rejoice in the New Earth you are creating.

May all beings act from their awakened heart and illuminate the planet with Divine Love.
~ Shanta Gabriel


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